Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hot Cows (An Anecdote Illustrating My Small Town Background)

I live in a city, but I am from a small town.

Recently I chatted with a friend about driving from the one to the other, and the discussion turned to traffic, which led us to compare the major obstacles encountered in the respective locales.

Here: Too damned many people trying to go the same place at the same time on the same road.

There: Occasionally meandering livestock.

Which reminded me of a story:

On a hot July day back in 2000, when I was at my first newspaper gig in my small South Georgia hometown, I was sent to take pictures of cows blocking one of the major downtown streets.

Only, the cows weren't really blocking the street.

They were in a livestock trailer, and the truck hauling it broke down.

So, technically, the truck was blocking the street, and the cows were just along for the ride.

Anyway, it was taking a long time for the appropriate wrecker (the type that can tow a semi) to arrive.

And the cows were overheating.

So, the fire department came out.

And hosed down the cows.

I enjoy living in a city more than I enjoyed living in a small town, but I will always love small towns for exactly this sort of thing.

Wordless Wednesday: 6/15/11

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Interlude: 6/8/11

Just a few words here to break up the string of Wordless Wednesday posts.

I'm working on a couple of essay-ish posts now, but I'm not yet happy with them. More later, though, for sure.

Brief update on Liquid Pro Quo: So far, so good. I have only broken stride a couple of times, under the Rum 'n' Coke provision I outlined. Unfortunately, my prediction regarding that drink was accurate, which is to say, I have lost the taste. My once favorite booze-laden concoction now lands upon my palate as an overly sweet, fizzy, acidic mess. Pity. The quest for a go-to cocktail now commences.

Wordless Wednesday: 6/8/11